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Future N Focus is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to guiding youth on their journey to discovering a career path and creating an action plan for their lives. The goal is much more than workforce development, but the development of successful citizens who enjoy the work they do and careers they choose.

The Future N Focus Approach

At Future N Focus our approach is what sets us apart. Our innovative career development curriculum delves into the core—an individual’s “purpose” in life and their true passions. We believe in going beyond generalized personality assessments. Instead, we focus on each student as an individual.

Our research shows students from middle school to high school exhibit the ability to comprehend having a life and career purpose. If cultivated correctly, this age group is capable of identifying their purpose and planning to live out that purpose. Future N Focus provides a unique and effective career development curriculum that helps students:

  • Explore and discover their purpose
  • Set purpose-driven goals
  • Identify career choices
  • Create life plans
  • Track and monitor progress
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Dr. Salice's career spans higher education, professional and adult education where she helps prepare individuals to be lifelong learners, reflective in their practice and ethical in their private and professional lives.

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Steve Ward is a classic example of a child “left behind” before the No Child Left Behind Act was enacted. His grade school teachers categorized him as a slow learner, recommended that he be held back a year...

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What we do


A Workforce Development Curriculum Helping Youth and Young Adults Discover a Purpose-Driven Career Pathway

As an education professional, you want the best for your students. You want them to succeed well after high school graduation. As such, it’s important to guide middle school and high school students on their journey of discovering their future career. Together, we can help students make a smooth transition from school to workforce with the goal of college and career readiness.

Future N Focus provides the Dream Catcher workforce and career development curriculum, an innovative 8-lesson program that helps students achieve their career dreams. What makes the curriculum unique is its focus on one’s purpose—personal reason for being on earth. Future N Focus’s curriculum is measured by its ability to see students graduating from middle and high school with the following:

  • Knowing what purpose is
  • Understanding the importance of purpose
  • Discovering their purpose
  • Using purpose to ultimately choose a career path based on their purpose

Designed for 7th grade through adulthood, this 15-60 hour curriculum is divided into two modules: Self and Career Exploration and Life and Career Experience. Each module is independent and can be taught as standalone units. However, they can be used sequentially, starting with Career and Self Exploration.

Key Benefits of the Dream Catcher Curriculum include:

  • Easy-to-learn facilitator/teacher training
  • Interactive student workbooks feature activities and journal area
  • Encourages self-awareness, self-reflection and active participation
  • Common Core Standards alignment as it fosters critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Tested in multiple schools and economic environments
  • Students develop a career action plan

For more information or to purchase the Dream Catcher Curriculum, call 909-437-1180.








Future N Focus’ mission is to aid youth in early discovery of a career path, and provide the tried and proven tools and principles necessary to execute any career goal.

By carrying out our mission of helping youth with early discovery of career paths and executing their goals, Future N Focus will reach its vision of minimizing the number of students graduating from high school and college every year with an education, but no vision of who they are or where they are going in life. No Foreseeable Future (NFF) in other words. Future N Focus’ vision is to also become front runners in the Purpose Driven Educational (PDE) movement. This is where students are all taught a baseline of knowledge and then chooses the career path they wish to travel and are educated accordingly. Future N Focus believes that the batch learning model (one size fits all education) instituted in the early 1900’s is obsolete and change is imminent. Future N Focus is an integral part of that change.



Common Core Aligned

Future N Focus is specific and deliberate in the way in which it provides content that is in compliance with Common Core Standards.

Our goals are identical to that of the Common Core: to ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to take credit bearing introductory courses in two- or four-year college programs or enter the workforce.

The Dream Catcher curriculum specializes in sharpening students’ ability to navigate various career pathways by leading students to discover their purpose. Upon discovering their purpose, students are better equipped to decide on a purpose-driven career that translates into true success.

Dream Catcher curriculum features the following Common Core Standards.

RI Reading Standards for Informational Text 6–12
W riting
RL Reading Standards for Literature 6-12
L anguage
SL Speaking And Listening Standards

Each Dream Catcher lesson is properly labeled with highly visible Common Core Standards for reference. Using Purpose as a method of helping students navigate a career path breeds Intrinsic Motivation within the student. Intrinsic Motivation changes the outlook the students have on Why they are learning and makes their learning experience relative to their desired outcome.

Future N Focus believes that the method of Purpose-Driven Education will be the key to achieving Common Core Standards goals in the context of college and career readiness.

Future N Focus promotes the real-world workplace skills including 21st century skills of collaboration and communication, critical thinking and problem solving and career exploration and planning.


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Parents and Educators,

Are you ready to help your students get their future in focus? The time is NOW!

Middle school and high school are pivotal times in a student’s life. During these transformative years students are discovering who they are and the type of adult they want to become. It’s the perfect time to help young people discover their purpose and begin the process of college and/or career readiness.

Future N Focus offers “Get Your Future N Focus,” a dynamic two-day workshop for students ages 12-18. Facilitated by Steve Ward, the founder of Future N Focus, this life-changing seminar provides students with valuable tools and information to aid in self-discovery and development of a solid career path.

This seminar is an interactive workshop with value-packed sessions that positively affects students’ attitudes and behavior as they discover meaningful steps toward their future.

Students who attend will:

  • Discover the key building blocks of success.
  • Learn how to use their strengths, interests, and personality traits to discover their career purpose.
  • Engage in collaborative activities to assist each student in self-discovery and purpose.
  • Gain knowledge about creating career plans and executing goals and objectives.
  • Identify suitable careers and life styles.

Workshop Attendee Fee Includes:

  • Materials: Pencils/Pens and Workbooks
  • Lunch on both days
  • Certificate of Attendance

To schedule a workshop or to find out how you can sponsor a workshop, call (909) 437-1180.


Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in piece of classical.


Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in piece of classical.

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